SoulPlay Weekly Warrior: Nina



1. What impact has yoga had on your life?

It took a while for me to try a yoga class. To me, exercise meant trainers and weights, and trying to flip tractor wheels or jump onto a high platform (even more difficult for a short girl like me, who’s vertical leap resembles that of a Yorkie.) After a barrage of hi-impact regimens, I realized these activities may be enhancing my physical health, but did nothing for my mental well-being. So I tried yoga and have yet to look back. It’s my go-to for a good sweat for both body and mind, helping me sleep better, manage stress better and even changing how I approach challenges in life.

2. What's your favorite pose and why?

I love Tree Pose. It really gives me a baseline on where my head is at that moment. If I can’t balance well, I know I need to breathe and refocus. As a designer, my work demands both creativity and analytical skill; I believe in the left-brain/right-brain connections so if one side is stronger than the other, it gives me insight to what juices are flowing at that time.

3. What's your favorite thing about practicing at SoulPlay?

SoulPlay is hands-down the best studio I’ve been to. I love the variety of classes offered, from Strong Flow for a more physical workout to Unwind & Release for an end-of-week cool-down. All the teachers are wonderful and make everyone feel welcome, from newbie to pro. I also love the extra workshops and services offered, especially the massages.

4. What's one of your most memorable yoga experiences?

One of my most memorable yoga experiences is a really simple one: the first time my feet touched the floor in Plow Pose. Victory!

5. If you could be a jelly bean flavor, which one & why?

If I could be a jelly bean flavor, it’d be Buttered Popcorn. I like the dissonance between flavor and texture, and how your brain reconciles the two. It teaches you to embrace the unexpected.