Off the Mat with Laurel

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Starting yoga at such a young age, Laurel has seen the effects of practicing more than half her life. “Yoga has helped me be unapologetically myself. I have a very strong personality and it’s inspired me to not be shy and go for my goals.”

“Yoga teaches us that everything is temporary and we’re always in a state of change,” she says. "So if you can push yourself to go a little bit deeper in your practice and you can see yourself accomplishing things physically, then you begin to notice a shift - it’s almost like you’re reprogramming your mind, your energy and your thought process. When you meditate a lot - and yoga is simply a form of moving meditation - then you tap into the intuitive nature of the mind. When you set goals and put your energy and focus in a direction, things just start to show up for you." 

She knows yoga is more than what happens on the mat. “It’s how you interact with people, it’s your moral and social code and how you carry yourself and present yourself to the world. Any time you’re in a state of connection, you’re in a state of yoga.”