Why I Teach - Laurel

Because her practice of yoga has helped Laurel recover from sports injuries when she was younger and also cope with chronic low back pain from more recent motor bike and snowboarding accidents, she teaches to share the curative aspects she’s found so helpful. “There becomes a responsibility when you practice so much that you feel the need to share with others."

Teaching for Laurel is all about helping other people. “I feel so privileged to teach yoga and have these opportunities. I believe everybody is a yogi, most people just haven’t figured that out yet.”

In her own practice, Laurel looks for teachers who pay attention to the details but who can also surprise her. “I love when someone takes me on a journey where not only can I find that union of breath and movement as a guided meditation, but where I can also do something I’ve never done before. And that might be something simple like how I enter a pose or a different variation on a pose, but that takes me somewhere beyond what I’m used to.”