SoulPlay Weekly Warrior: Charlie



1. Why do you practice yoga?

I have been practicing yoga for about 20 years. Since retiring, I go four times a week. As I have gotten older, yoga is more important than ever so that I can stay mobile and limber. I have met so many wonderful friends at the studio.

2. What's your favorite pose and why?

I like the hip opening poses like pigeon, frog and low lunges. They help keep my hips mobile.

3. What's your favorite thing about practicing at SoulPlay?

SoulPlay is a beautiful, clean place to practice and there are a great variety of classes to choose from. Brooke is always so welcoming at the front desk and keeps the studio tidy.

4. What’s been your biggest takeaway from yoga? 

My biggest takeaway from yoga is the sense of calm I have after practice. My most memorable yoga experience was this past April, went I joined some SoulPlay yogis in Puerto Vallarta on a retreat lead by Alex Joy. It was fun to practice yoga twice a day in such a beautiful location and eat fantastic vegan meals three times a day.

5. If you could be a jellybean flavor, which one & why?

My favorite jellybean flavor is Butter Popcorn. I love a big tub of popcorn at the movies.