SoulPlay Weekly Warrior: Kimberly



1. Why do you practice yoga, what does it represent to you, and/or what impact does it have on your life?

Yoga has given me an outlet to not only get my body healthy physically, but even more so mentally. I have never been good at quieting my mind and being able to meditate, but yoga has helped me to now practice sitting meditation on my own which has opened up so many doors for me. It gives me an outlet to really let all my stress go in a safe place while keeping my body in shape. It is a way of life. When life seems to be chaotic and out of control, it is my constant and a place that I can gain my control back. It allows me to achieve a sense of calmness and humility. Yoga is always there and free of judgements.  Breath by breath and moment by moment, I can always count on my yoga practice to push me through the hard times and appreciate the happy times. One day I can fall on my face in poses and the next I can hit them all perfect and it never matters which day it is because I always feeling energized and proud that I showed up to my mat and gave it my all. Most of all, yoga has given me the most important love that you will ever need; self love.

2. What's your favorite pose and why?

I love inversions and particularly the handstand. It’s all about perspective baby. My practice with them is not steady and that's why I love them because they challenge me. Sometimes when you flip upside down the world feels right side up. It allows your head to be lower than your heart. It helps me balance physically and mentally balance mental the world around me, while gaining confidence and having fun! You have to be able to trust yourself and that is something I have struggled with in the past. I'm listening to my gut and intuition to guide me on what is right. Nothing like all the blood rushing to your head so drop down and get your handstand on, girl!

3. What's your favorite thing about practicing at SoulPlay?

I love the intimate feel at the studio. Everyone is so welcoming and humble and will push you on those days when it is enough just to even get yourself to show up on your mat. They have helped me to progress my practice by trying new poses that I would have never tried on my own. They give me a home to be myself and a family atmosphere.

4. What is your "aha moment" or most memorable yoga experience?  

I had just moved to LA 3 and a half years ago and was staying with some friends. I hadn’t been steadily practicing my yoga, but I was so excited to kick off the new year living in a new city and soaking up everything it had to offer. My friend taught at a yoga studio so I was ready for that January 1st "new year, new me" class.  We were the last to enter the class so we ended up being at the back of the class.  As we were deep in our poses and really flowing with energy, it was time to go from downward dog to our three-legged dog. I felt great and really pushed myself to really get my leg up there and then SMACK. I heard a very loud crash on the ground and glass had gone everywhere. I had kicked the humidifier off the wall. Not sure whether to die laughing or curl up in a ball extremely embarrassed, I chose to just let it be and keep moving.

My friend was incredible. Although I knew she wanted to kill me, in that moment she used it to her advantage. She said this is just an example of how life can be going great and all the sudden something comes crashing down and we just need to jump right back in and give it our all and never give up. It was just a little reset and we were all back into our flow like nothing had happened. It was such a great lesson for me to just laugh it off and not put so much pressure on myself. Things happen and that’s okay. It’s our reactions that make the biggest difference.

5. 3 words that describe you?

Social, wild, and compassionate.